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Andrew Levine was born in NY City in 1968. At the age of 7 he began studying violin. In 1986 his voice gained him admittance into a madrigal ensemble with 16 singers and he continued with vocal lessons thereafter, performing as a soloist and in an opera-choir. After completing his M.A. in Computational Linguistics and Cognitive Psychology in Trier Andrew Levine moved to Berlin in 1995, where he worked as a trainer for software development and digital media. He also developed CD-ROMs and filmed and edited Videoprojects on MiniDV.

Through all these endevours the topic of »Sound« steadily advanced to the center of his focus. Based on thorough theoretical knowledge regarding (digital) audio he originally focused on creating live recordings, then CD-productions with increasing frequency. The musicians he works with appraise his easygoing and friendly manner and especially his advanced degree of sonic intuition.

In the middle of 2004 Andrew Levine founded the sonophile edition blumlein records (LC 13941). In the following year he moved to Hamburg with his family and his studio, the LevingRoom. In the same year he was accepted into the German guild of Sound specialists (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister). In 2014 he was awarded the Goldener Bobby.